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Providing The NFL Flag Football Experience

Join NFL FLAG PAL today for an unparalleled experience that revolves around empowerment, ethics, fun, and friendly competition. Our league is committed to fostering a supportive environment where players can grow, learn, and thrive together in balanced and cohesive League. Come be a part of a community that celebrates sportsmanship and the joy of the game!

Our Vision:

To be the premier flag football league that inspires athletes to reach their full potential, builds a strong sense of community, and promotes the values of respect, integrity, and fair play.

Mission Statement:

Poinciana Athletic League (PAL) To provide a dynamic and inclusive environment for flag football players of ages 4-17 and skill levels to foster a love for the game, develop sportsmanship, and promote teamwork, while providing quality individuals as coaches and staff members that will help felicitate your child’s understanding of the game of flag football, while preparing them for tackle football and life

NFL FLAG FOOTBALL Kid running with ball

We are Part of The Largest Youth Flag Football League in the U.S.

Serving youth athletes ages 4 to 17 years old across the country. NFL FLAG PAL league is no contact, giving boys and girls of all abilities a chance to develop their fundamental football skills in a positive, inclusive environment.