Pro Bowl, Adult Combine and Family Day Event

Pro Bowl. Adult Combine and Family Day Event

Pro Bowl, Adult Combine and Family Day Event

Date: Sun June 25, 2023 4pm-9pm

Location:5109 Allegheny Rd, Poinciana, FL 34759


4:00 PM – Registration and Check-In
Participants, including adults, parents, and coaches, arrive at the venue, register, and check-in for the event.

4:30 PM – Opening Ceremony
Official opening of the event with introductions, speeches, and team announcements.

5:00 PM – Adult Combine
The Adult Combine is designed for participants , parents who wish to showcase their skills and compete against other parents. The combine will include various drills, such as 40-yard dash, shuttle runs, agility ladder, passing accuracy, and catching drills.

5:00 PM – Family Day Activities
The Family Day activities are designed to involve everyone in a fun and inclusive environment. These activities will include:

Flag Football Games for Parents: Parents and coaches form teams and participate in friendly flag football matches, emphasizing fun and teamwork.

Kids Zone: fun activities

Coaching Clinics: Coaches will have the opportunity to attend coaching clinics conducted by experienced professionals. These clinics will cover different aspects of flag football coaching, including strategy, drills, and player development.

6:00 PM – Family Day Flag Football Tournament -minutes per game will determine based on the number of teams registered
A friendly flag football tournament will take place, involving teams comprised of parents, coaches, and selected participants. The tournament will be structured as a short round-robin or knockout format, ensuring every team gets to play multiple matches within the allotted time.

7PM – Pro Bowl Game Under the Lights (Ages 4-11)
The Pro Bowl Game will feature players selected from the (Ages 11 and up ). Two teams will compete in an exhibition match showcasing their talent and skills. The game will follow the official flag football rules with referees overseeing the match.

8PM – Pro Bowl Game Under the Lights (Ages 12 and up)
The event will conclude with an award ceremony to recognize outstanding performers from the Adult Combine, Pro Bowl Game, and Family Day Flag Football Tournament. Awards will be given for categories such as Most Valuable Player, Best Sportsmanship, and Team Spirit.

9PM – Event Conclusion
The event officially concludes, and participants, families, and coaches depart with memories of a fantastic evening of flag football.

Note: Please adjust the specific activities and duration based on the available time and preferences of the organizers.